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Corona prevention action in Namwala (Zambia)

Covid 19 is obviously a major threat to African countries. The very threatening economic situation in some countries hardly allows governments to face the threats of a pandemic.

We, from "Forest creates future", have made many friends here in Namwala (Zambia) and support a school with 2.100 children. We cannot leave these people alone now. That's why we launched an action on April 20th, 2020.

It all started with a plan to educate the population of the Namwala community. A team should be formed of advisors, a hospital employee and a government representative Dr. Munakasaka Chikuba. First of all, we procured aid material and instructed a group of helpers to educate the population.

About 10,000 people have been and are being educated and supplied with soap in Namwala. They should learn to keep social distance from each other (for most people it is still hard to imagine). The Lubanga Primary School receives 25 new taps and 25 mobile washing stations so that the 2.100 children wash their hands thoroughly when entering and leaving school.


Everyone is there at the roll call in the morning. The helpers enthusiastically report interesting new experiences in advising families. Even those who are otherwise sometimes forgotten are now the focus of attention. The teachers are protected by mouth protection and disinfectants. There are posters everywhere now. Information folders are distributed. The public areas are equipped with disinfectants, soap and mouthguards so that they remain operational.

Dr.Chikuba Munakasaka, for us simply Muna gives a comment on the state of the action. We will keep going and help the people of Namwala fight Covid 19 as far as we can.






We are now looking back on an approximately one-year orientation phase. From this experience, we have decided to pursue only a few strategic goals in the future. Despite this growth, our organization remains lean and extremely powerful despite its growth.


1. The Foundation Forest and our agricultural areas will be adapted to the expected changes in the climate in the long term and sustainably.

2. We promote and coordinate projects in the field of education and environmental protection on the African continent with the help of independent project managers.


«Forest Creates Future»

Foundation for development cooperation and environmental protection

The articles of the Foundation forerst creates a future fullfills according to the decision pursuant to Section 60a (1) AO on the separate determination of the statutory requirements under Sections 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO of the Kyritz Tax Office of December 4, 2018 on tax number 052/141 / 09095 the statutory requirements for a non-profit foundation. According to this, the promotion of development cooperation (Section 52 (2) sentence 1 No. 15 AO) and the promotion of environmental protection (Section 52 (2) Sentence 1 No. 8 AO) are tax-privileged. The foundation is entitled to issue donation confirmations for donations that are used for this purpose, in accordance with the officially prescribed form.



News of the foundation

Foundation idea

All my life the love of nature has accompanied me. The forest holds a special space in my heart. It is a great gift to experience the wakening birds early in the morning, to stroll through the forest and to immerse in an natural world. Forest is life and forest creates life. I never thought that I would one day acquire the ownership of a forestry company in the German state of Brandenburg. I am very grateful for that.

Why the decision to use this forest enterprise? For a future-oriented endowment work is not a coincidence. Life was and is still good to me. I was able to get to know the African continent on many trips with my wife. We saw a lot of human suffering and poverty. This is no surprise if you look at the excessive exploitation and the arbitrary divsion on the African continent beginning in the time of colonialism and still going on. My concern is to take effective action against the poor living conditions of the people living there. In particular an improvement in education and training is of utmost importance. The foundation's work will be focused on this area.

The forest brought into the foundation will be a base. It is a valuable habitat for many animal and plant species. The forest offers peace and relaxation to us humans. It is a climate protector, air filter, water and oxygen storage. The income of the sustainable forestry will be used directly for foundation purposes.

The Foundation "Forest Creates Future" exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes. The promotion of development cooperation is in the foreground. The purpose of the foundation in particular is achieved by developing and financing primarily smaller projects in  developing countries. Professionally suitable organizations help people to help themselves or co-finance already existing projects. In addition to the mentioned area of ​​education, aspects of medical care, hygiene, access to water and healthy, self-produced food should also play a role. Also in focus for the Foundation's interests is the promotion of environmental protection. This means effective actions to the adaptation of the climate change, for example research and use of appropriate seed and seedlings to safeguard human nutrition. Another purpose is to manage waste prevention and the recycling of waste and recyclables that pollute the environment.


I wish all participants the foundations, the donors, the beneficiaries and all interested persons a trusting relationship and effective foundation work.

Wilfried Hälker

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A solid foundation

Foundation capital

The foundation's capital is the largely arronized forest and agricultural land. Today they cover about 59 hectares of arable and grassland as well as about 191 hectares of forest land. The property of the foundation forms a self-hunting area. Further foundations are planned by the founder and his wife. A further 91.2 hectares will be transferred to the Foundation in the course of 2020.


Forecast calculation for 2020: 

Project grants from the BMZ12.000,00
 Profit Foundation Forest including rental income33.600,00
Administrative costs Foundation  4.000,00
Surplus for use for articles of association:71.600,00